Outsourcing To A Professional SEO And Online Marketing Firm

Online Marketing and SEO outsourcing

So you have made all the calculations and budgeting needed for your online marketing campaign. In reviewing your calculations and budget, you have realised it would be to your advantage to hire a professional so you can maximise the rewards of internet marketing campaigns. Making a decision to outsource to a professional SEO and internet marketing firm is just the first step. You will still need to go a long way before you can make a decision as to which professional SEO and internet marketing agency to hire.

So how do you go about choosing which professional SEO and internet marketing firm to work with? It always helps to ask for referrals from your associates or friends. An SEO and online marketing company that has made a good reputation among the people you know and trust is always a good beginning.

Although you will not need to rely solely on referrals when making a decision, it helps to put them into consideration. If you are not able to gather references, then you might want to do your research. Your research should include interviews of different SEO and internet marketing companies. Take note that they should be able to answer questions on how they propose to help you and how they can help you achieve your goals. Remember, secrets are non-existent in the world of SEO and internet marketing so you should expect everything to be transparent.

Different SEO and internet marketing companies will give you many replies, and it helps if you can confirm the truth in their answers. So how do you go about this? You can do this by just asking for previous successes or case studies. You will then need to confirm if these achievements were indeed serviced by the company you are eyeing. You can also ask for live references. See to it that the references they provide you are legitimate and always ask them specific questions about their experience with the company, their returns on investment in over a year, and visible results or increase in business.

Another factor that should guide in determining which professional SEO and internet marketing company to work with is the price. Typically, an SEO project would cost about $18,000 to a hundred thousand dollars in the first year. This usually depends on how complex the project is, the expectations for the project, and the level of competition that exists. One must understand that SEO success does not happen overnight and in the same way, the task of looking for a professional SEO agency to work with will not be completed in one day.

Why Cheap SEO for Online Marketing Doesn’t Work?

You may have realised that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to go to get your pages ranked highly in the Search Engine Rankings Pages (SERPS) and you may have bought a few web tools to help you, or you may have approached an SEO company, which, having relieved you of a few hundred bucks, has now deserted you because you took a one-off deal – the cheapest SEO option. Unfortunately, you may have jumped only a page or two and still not be anywhere near making the money you thought you would with your website.

There are cheap SEO services out there in Internet land which offer you some or all of the following, and here I am not quoting from any one particular website for SEO services; this list is only an example of what is on offer.

  • Keywords and density of 2 or 3 percent¬†
  • Meta tags and on page coding such as H1 and H2 tags, words in bold, etc.
  • Outbound links
  • Backlinks
  • Search-engine-friendly URLs

However, you can do all this for yourself. Also if it were that simple to rise in the SERPS, all sites would grow fantastically. What these SEO services do not offer are relevant backlinks from top sites in your niche, neither do they offer to help you with original content for your site which is of prime importance these days for a site to get at the top of the SERPS. They can increase your SERPS position, but you won’t be where you want to be-in the first five of those coveted pages. What they probably will do is post a few comments on forums with your URL link although the comments may not be on forums which are relevant to your niche, so they are fairly useless. Commenting isn’t a terribly good way of getting a high profile site unless your views are new and attention-grabbing. They probably won’t use Tools and Extras – Google Places, Google Shopping, etc. which can make all the difference between you and your competitors. (You know about these tools for online marketing don’t you?)

A good SEO service company will give you quotes for their annual service and will expect to work with you and your site for its lifetime. SEO is a continual process, and the experts will test out the potency of keywords, and help you get high-quality content, which most of the cheap SEO services don’t mention because they can’t deliver. The better firms will consistently optimise titles and page design so that they have a positive impact on visitors to your site and they will create sitemaps for ease of negotiating the pages. They will use a systematic approach to building social media links and other relevant, quality links. These links will be made, with keyword anchors and optimal on-page placement, so that visitors will leave your site with a very good impression of it and return, and you will also ultimately climb into those top SERPS.

Don’t waste your cash on cheap SEO tools and services as they won’t help you get rich quick. If you want to make money from your site, you will need to make an investment in a good SEO service.