Outdated Web Design Trends You Should Push to the Sides Right Away

For the past few years, web design trends have been seeing a lot of changes. What used to be stylish and cool trends last year are already outdated, old, and completely useless this year.  So, what are these outdated trends for web design that you have to kick aside for good?

Flash Intros

The deathbed for flash intros is now more than ready as they usually turn customers away from websites. Many modern mobile browsers no longer recognize flash content, and if they happen to, it will cost you.

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Separate Mobile Versions of Website

It is time to finally say goodbye to those days when you need to come up with a different mobile version of your site for your visitors who use mobile devices. A responsive web design can make your primary site perfectly viewable on smartphones, desktops, and tablets without making your users feel like they are seeing a less functional version. It wouldn’t cost you much to shift to a responsive web design, and more often than not, a responsive theme can already handle the task for you. 

Popup Boxes

You are doing it totally wrong if your site still got those automated popup boxes which show ads, subscription forms, and the like. These things are not just an annoyance to users for these can also give off the impression that your business desperately needs customers. Nothing is more irritating than seeing a popup ad on your screen when all you want to do is read the site’s content. The worse thing that can happen is that it is almost impossible to close these pop-ups on mobile web browsers. 

3D Effects and Gradients

There used to be a time when those 3D effects wow visitors, but this time has long been gone, and the flat side is now the newest trend. With retina displays which require higher resolution designing, it is much better to stick with a simple and cool flat UI. There are other benefits to flat UI, such as being less time consuming and easier to make, which makes this the best style of design in this fast-paced world. If your site is filled with complex 3D elements, it is time to shift to a flat UI.

Animated GIF Images

For a time, graphical animations are amusing and cool but these don’t really add value to your site at all. Aside from being useless, these can even hurt the eyes of your site visitors after some time. You already had your share of having a great time with these GIFs for many years, but it is time for you to say goodbye to them. The latest trend is about ease of use and simplicity, not loading your site with animations.





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