How to Build a Powerful Lead Capture System

Make Lead Generation Easy For Your Business

Lead generation software is a critical element of marketing for any business. If you aren’t growing a list of potential prospects, you’re missing out on business. There are a lot of moving pieces with any online lead generation campaign and you want to carefully consider which services you piece together to get the best results.  Here are some criteria to make sure you have a lead generation tool that’s up to date and will make your marketing easier than ever.

1. Lead capture pageslead capture pages have one function and that is to collect information.  They should not have extraneous links or images. Everything in the page should be focused to creating visitor action in the form of submitting their information. Ideally, you want to offer something that is tailored specifically to the prospects interests, not to general, and not so specific that you can’t fulfill the offer easily.

2. Auto Responder Integration- Ideally, your lead capture system will either allow for simple integration of common auto responders such as AWeber, Mail Chimp, and GetResponse, or it will even have it’s own autoresponder integrated such as Power Lead System.

3. Analytics tracking– Any lead capture system worth it’s salt will also include the option to add analytics tracking and pixels for retargeting.  Growing your list can also be done with a retargeting audience and you’ll want to maximize your returns with this feature.  If you’re running ads to a lead capture page, you’ll want to follow up with people who hit the site but didn’t convert, as well as those who did submit their information.  There are ways to customize what different people see based on the actions they take on your site.  For more help with paid marketing campaigns, visit this digital marketing company.

4. Helpful Support– There are many lead capture pages to choose from and various services with differing levels of support. If you’re new to marketing online, then choosing a service with proven and immediate support is a great idea.

These are just a few of the main criteria to evaluate your lead capture page service. As you assemble your lead generation service, you’ll want to make sure that all the pieces will work together. Testing is a critical part of the process once you have your lead capture pages in place.  If you need help choosing one, be sure and check out this Power Lead System review for more on a comprehensive all in one solution that works with local businesses and nearly all direct sales organizations.