How To Simplify Your Online Presence Into One Link

Most people and businesses have managed to build numerous social profiles all over the internet.  One of the main reasons businesses will create social profiles is so they can secure their online real estate by securing their brand, a product name or a keyword phrase that they are trying to rank for.  However, if you fail to appropriately manage and retain accurate records of your usernames and login details a lot of this important information can be lost very easily.  These online assets generally take the form of blogs, personal websites, download links for your favourite songs, social networks, and video sites to name a just a few.

Trying to let those who matter most to you know about your social profiles that are connected to either you, or your business, is a challenge in itself.  However, there are a number of information solutions that can assist in making your virtual presence accessible and shared effortlessly by streamlining your total online presence into a single location with a single link and a single click.  You will often find that these information providers will also give you tools that enable you to share your links and allow other internet users and sites to share your link without effort.

One of the best services on the net is ItsMyURL.  It is free to use and within minutes of joining you are able to structure your links and online profiles.  You are given an ItsMyURL link to which you attach each of your online profiles in addition to any other links to your ItsMyURL profile.  You simply then share that link with whomever you deem appropriate to have access to your entire online presence.  This is a great free tool that everyone should be making use of.