Effective Marketing Strategies for Body Corporate Managers

Effectively marketing a company plays an important role in making it successful. Marketing enables a business to retain existing customers and attract potential clients as well. In attempting to convince prospective clients to abandon the companies that they’ve been patronising and try your company, marketing ought to invite, give promises and even freely offer give-ways.

Good marketing strategies can be designed for internet-based companies and brick-&-mortar businesses as well.

The most effective marketing strategies

The following are exceptional marketing techniques that managers of body corporate services can apply to enhance their client numbers.
Stand out

The manager of a body corporate ought to demonstrate, through marketing, why his/her company is different from other businesses. It doesn’t matter if the company offers great customer service, unmatched return policy or unique products/ services; what matters is how different the company is in comparison to its competitors. Therefore, the manager should market this difference.

Consistent Marketing

It is very important for a company to engage in consistent marketing, irrespective of how limited its resources are. Regular advertisements, civic-minded engagements, and giveaways can effectively keep the name of a company out there and also remind prospective clients to sample the services or products that the company offers.

Email Blasts

According to marketing gurus, email blasts are among the most effective marketing tools. Managers of corporate bodies who wish to build their client base ought to establish systems whereby all new clients are requested to provide their email addresses. After that, arrangements should be made to send email blasts to these clients. This should be done once or twice every month to inform clients about sales, seasonal services/ products, discounts or new commodities.

Show the Company’s Love

Managers of organisations that provided body corporate services should consider maintaining lists of their clients’ birthdays or other anniversaries. When the clients’ important days come up, the companies should send postcards with discount vouchers or other offers.

Monthly newsletters should be developed and sent to clients through email. The newsletters should contain funny stories, upcoming holidays or interesting recipes. They should also be interwoven with information about sales specials or new services/ products.


Managers ought to hold regular contests with the objective of promoting the company’s products and services. For instance, if the company sells food items, it should host annual or bi-annual recipe contests whereby participants who emerge as winners, are handsomely rewarded with the products or services that the company offers.

Internet Marketing

In today’s digital age, a company ought to have an attractive, interactive and efficient website. Since people are visual creatures, they usually respond to what their eyes see. The company’s website should be specially designed to display changes to convince clients to keep visiting.


Managers of body corporate services ought to spread the gospel about their companies by offering freebies. This is an effective marketing technique that allows managers to collect important information concerning their prospective clients.

Enhance Site Interest

Addition of RSS news feed capacity to a company’s website can effectively attract potential clients. Nearly all internet users can’t resist the temptation of reading breaking news whenever they come across such news. Managers of body corporate services should, therefore, enhance website interest by adding RSS feeds.


Are you a manager of a body corporate, and have been wondering how to improve the client base of the company that you run in the face of fierce competition from other companies that offer similar products or services? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Simply apply the marketing strategies explained in this article, or some of the strategies mentioned in the below video, and you’ll start smiling all the way to the bank within a few weeks.