About Us

BuyFresh Business Marketing is a small marketing consulting business who helps small to medium-sized businesses enhance their online brand. Our goal is to assist companies attain significant growth via a combination of online marketing strategies, generating leads and managing them through to a sale while maintaining a noticeable brand existence, which carries on way after the sale has taken place.

Our staff are experienced in all areas of the marketing mix, making sure that your business obtains the correct guidance and marketing tactics to attain your business objectives.

We don’t outsource…we do all of our work in-house.  We have knowledge and experience in marketing, journalism, rebranding and web design.  This ensures your presence online is told just the way you want it.

We are also all about educating our clients.  This website is part of our strategy to provide our clients with the very latest information and strategies on what constitutes effective business marketing.

So don’t be like the majority of business owners who fail to implement their marketing plan.  Take action and reap the rewards for your hard work.  Email us now to help you on your journey.


‘Action over perfection’!