2018 Digital Marketing Review – Web Hosting Ireland

2018 Digital Marketing Review – Web Hosting Ireland

Quick Website Optimization Tips

Most website optimization techniques are time consuming and may require a little expertise in order to be successful. However, there are a few quick tips and tricks you can use to give your website the boost it needs:

1. URL Address

The URL is the address where your website can be located by search engines and users alike. Simplify your URL address to describe the content or information contained on a specific page at a glance. Normally the title of the content or keyword/phrase is ideal to use as part of a URL.

2. Images

Adding images to your content simply makes it more attractive and also allows a reader to surmise what the content may be about. Ensuring that the title of the image is descriptive about the content is also a good optimization technique. Inserting alt tags with the same type of relevance to the content is another useful optimization tool.

3. User Experience

A user friendly website that is easy to navigate and interact with will attract more visitors and allow them to remain on your site longer. Condensing content to ensure that it is packed full of facts but still easy to read is important. Optimizing a site for mobile device usage is absolutely essential. Search engines are putting higher value on user experience than ever before.

4. Content Addition

Long form articles, newsletters and press releases are necessary for search engine optimization but short blog or social media posts on a regular basis can be just as, if not more, effective at increasing online visibility. Posting at least once a day is recommended.

All of these quick website optimization tips can be performed easily without the assistance of a professional SEO or digital marketing expert but should be integrated into a larger strategy in order to have the greatest overall success.

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