Business Brokers- Do You Need One?

Image of busy business broker firm

Business brokers are agents who provide assistance to sellers and buyers of businesses in the important process of purchasing and selling. They are also known as intermediaries or transfer agents. When you engage brokers, they will estimate how valuable your business is, advertise it, interview potential buyers, conduct discussions with them, negotiate and also help conduct due diligence.

Why you need a business broker

Business brokers provide a wide range of valuable services. The following are reasons why you need one:

They can help you determine the most-probable selling-price valuation. Understanding how to value a business is essential as the methods used will significantly vary from one broker to another.

The broker will come up with a detailed Information Memorandum (IM) of your business. It is an important document that gives an outline of the company. Most potential buyers ask for the document that is usually 15- 30 pages long.

Any business that has been put up for sale needs as much exposure as it can get. A business broker can facilitate this by marketing it to potential buyers, for example, via facebook.  Here’s a good example.

Some buyers may be willing to purchase your business, but lack the capacity to do so. Others may have the capacity, but may not have genuine interest in making a purchase. A broker can help by screening prospective buyers to determine their willingness and abilities.

They can assist by coordinating negotiations and offering invaluable advice regarding deal structuring.

Business brokers can provide general deal management to steer you through the whole process.

As the client, you would want everything about the transaction to remain confidential before, during and afterwards. The seller would undoubtedly want the same thing. A reputable broker can seal the deal while maintaining confidentiality.

Depending on your needs, the business broker can also provide consultancy services.

The whole process may last anywhere between 6 months and 12 months. The average period is 9 months. Brokers can help you remain focused on managing your business during the entire process.

If you are one of the owners of a Sunshine Coast business for sale, consider hiring a reputable business broker like Verified Businesses.

The relationship between you and a business broker

Upon signing a contract with you, the broker will make efforts to find a buyer for the highest price, and on terms that suit you best. The efforts are rewarded by earning a commission. To achieve this objective, the business intermediary may do one or more of the following:

Withhold payment in escrow until the deal is closed. Closing entails meeting between the two parties, transfer of business ownership and conveyance of business name.

Ensure confidentiality. Nearly all brokers have established systems which safeguard confidentiality of sellers, buyers and details of transactions.

Negotiate the transfer or assignment of leases, help buyers to obtain finances and even negotiate with creditors.

Appraise your business. What is the value of your business? Well, you may not be sure. Business valuation is not as simple as many people think. Business brokers can conduct a valuation exercise on your business and establish the maximum amount of money that you can earn from its sale.

Negotiate for the best price on your behalf. Given that they have no emotional attachment to your enterprise, they can effectively and efficiently carry out negotiations. If you fail to involve a broker, the whole process can take a year or even longer, and you may still get shortchanged.

Business owners who are looking at buying or selling should definitely consider engaging business brokers to ensure they get the best outcome within the shortest possible time.

A Photographer’s Guide To Capturing a Funeral For Marketing Purposes

A Photographers Guide to Capturing a Funeral For Marketing Purposes

Image of a widow at a funeral

For most individuals, taking photographs is the ideal way by which to remember an emotional or important event. This is true, particularly with funerals. However, such occasions are a daunting task even for the professional funeral photographer. This is because capturing the event tastefully is vital.


It is important to learn a few tips about funeral photography so that you properly capture all the poignant moments that characterise funerals for the sake of memory. The tips are as follows:


The role of photographers is mainly to observe rather than to get involved or even in the way. This means that you should never interfere with the funeral even if your shot quality is compromised. Lights tend to access people’s eyes, and this will distract them. In any case, official buildings and churches usually have enough lighting. However, you can contact the event organiser prior to the event if there is an issue which can be the norm at a Gold Coast funeral home. Try to avoid flash photography.


It is good to plan ahead when taking photographs in funerals. This allows you to be aware of any planned procession as well as the location of least disruption. In addition, planning will enable you to research the specific customs and faiths of the people involved so that you improve your funeral etiquette like dressing. In this way, you will respectfully blend in and do your task well. Ensure that you speak with the funeral planners and the immediate family so that you are informed of any extra rites and rituals they might want captured. This is the practice at a funeral home.


Being objective is the aim of a competent photographer, but this should not apply in funeral services. This means that you should not position the camera in close proximity to any ceremony or casket as this will distract people or disrupt the service. You should stand at the back or to the side and utilise a medium distance lens to capture any details that are required. The lens will compensate for the distance without any physical interruption. Do not take close-up photographs of the deceased unless you are authorised or instructed by the family to do so.


The deceased are the point of focus for any funeral, but this is restrictive with regard to creativity in photography. Aim to film from the back so that the camera is at a suitable angle to capture grievers. This will tend not to capture their emotions or faces in a direct manner unless permission is granted as earlier mentioned.

Quick shots

Funeral events are live and as such, photographers cannot request those in attendance to re-position themselves just because they did not get a good shot.  This is why it is essential for funeral photographers to be skilled in taking some quick shots instead of long set-ups. The camera should always be on rapid shutter and quick exposure settings. This will allow you to pick the best shots after the event is concluded.


Even seasoned photographers experience challenges with regard to funeral photography but the tips above should help.  Below is a great video which outlines how to shoot natural light outdoor photos.

What To Look For In a Web Marketing Company?

Internet marketing has emerged as more of a priority rather than an option for most businesses. This is why the number of web marketing companies trying to catch your attention is increasing with each passing day. If you decide to hire one to help you to achieve your online marketing targets, you could be overwhelmed with the depth of options available. Here are a few things to look for in a web marketing company before hiring them for you to get the best one for your business.

Check Their Online Marketing.

All web marketing companies will tell you how they can market your business online efficiently, but how do they sell themselves? They do it to get more customers. If you are hiring them to bring your firm more customers, they should be employing all the tools and strategies for their business as well. If they are specialized in SEO, and they are one of the top SEO internet marketing company in Vancouver search them on Google and see how they rank. Check their website and look for features such as mobile friendliness, clarity, and simplicity. In a nutshell, ensure you hire a company that walks the talk and will show you their website and local marketing efforts as proof of what they can offer to your firm.

The Size Matters.

You should find an online marketing agency that will offer you the best service. If your business is small or medium, hiring a huge marketing firm could mean that you won’t get the best attention as there are probably some more prominent clients offering more money for the services. To such a business, you will be considered as another small firm, and most of your concerns won’t be appropriately addressed. On the other hand, if you are running a mega business, ensure you find an agency that has the human resources and capacity to handle your online marketing strategy. If your business services Abbotsford BC area contact – local online marketing & SEO experts.

Digital Marketing Services Offered.

Online marketing is extensive, and it contains so many individual strategies which include several other small things. You need to find a firm that will be your one stop shop for all your online marketing needs. It is understandable that not all businesses can cover everything in online marketing, but it is prudent to find one that can cover your needy areas well. Finding one company to deal with your search engine marketing campaign and getting another for your social media marketing is not only hectic but also costly. Assess your needs before you set out to look for this firm for you to have a clear picture of the ones that can satisfy your requirements efficiently.

Looking for a web marketing company does not have to be overwhelming if you know the right things to look into. The mentioned points are a few of the important aspects that will help you to land on a suitable web marketing firm.

Outdated Web Design Trends You Should Push to the Sides Right Away

For the past few years, web design trends have been seeing a lot of changes. What used to be stylish and cool trends last year are already outdated, old, and completely useless this year.  So, what are these outdated trends for web design that you have to kick aside for good?

Flash Intros

The deathbed for flash intros is now more than ready as they usually turn customers away from websites. Many modern mobile browsers no longer recognize flash content, and if they happen to, it will cost you.

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Separate Mobile Versions of Website

It is time to finally say goodbye to those days when you need to come up with a different mobile version of your site for your visitors who use mobile devices. A responsive web design can make your primary site perfectly viewable on smartphones, desktops, and tablets without making your users feel like they are seeing a less functional version. It wouldn’t cost you much to shift to a responsive web design, and more often than not, a responsive theme can already handle the task for you. 

Popup Boxes

You are doing it totally wrong if your site still got those automated popup boxes which show ads, subscription forms, and the like. These things are not just an annoyance to users for these can also give off the impression that your business desperately needs customers. Nothing is more irritating than seeing a popup ad on your screen when all you want to do is read the site’s content. The worse thing that can happen is that it is almost impossible to close these pop-ups on mobile web browsers. 

3D Effects and Gradients

There used to be a time when those 3D effects wow visitors, but this time has long been gone, and the flat side is now the newest trend. With retina displays which require higher resolution designing, it is much better to stick with a simple and cool flat UI. There are other benefits to flat UI, such as being less time consuming and easier to make, which makes this the best style of design in this fast-paced world. If your site is filled with complex 3D elements, it is time to shift to a flat UI.

Animated GIF Images

For a time, graphical animations are amusing and cool but these don’t really add value to your site at all. Aside from being useless, these can even hurt the eyes of your site visitors after some time. You already had your share of having a great time with these GIFs for many years, but it is time for you to say goodbye to them. The latest trend is about ease of use and simplicity, not loading your site with animations.





Social Media Marketing Tips for Pest Control Companies

Social media marketing is one of the most used marketing strategies among small businesses. Small enterprises are taking this method of marketing as one of their best marketing approaches for their companies. It is a good podium where you can reach many people with less effort in a short time. Below are some social media marketing tips for your small business.

Social media marketing is cost-effective

Use of social media as a marketing tool is cost-effective, especially for small enterprises. You are not required to pay any fee to open a business account, even though you may be required to pay a little maintenance fee for graphics creation, content creation and probably developments. You can reach millions of customers within a short time with less effort. For example, if you use Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn you will be targeting millions of people who use these sites daily.

Use social media to interact with your customers directly

You can use social media sites as a two-way communication method. For example, let’s say you are a Pest Control company in Buderim and you can engage your clients by conducting surveys and polls or interacting with customers who may need pest or termite treatments. You will also know about your target audiences, what they like about your pest control services and what they do not want. Thus, you will be able to make necessary changes to offer quality customer service. You will also be able to build client’s faith, and they will feel your business is sincere.

Social media marketing help to generate sales/leads

Through social media marketing, you can improve your business sales. According to various studies, social media marketing plays a vital role in generating sales and leads. It has 100 percent higher leads than other marketing strategies. However, do not think that you will get instant sales or leads. You need to put a lot of effort in applying and maintaining your promotional campaigns. After some time, you will start to see good results.

Use social media to empower and educate online community

You can use social media marketing to empower and educate your online community. For example, Facebook is a powerful marketing tool, which you can use to inform people about your pest control business and how they can benefit from it. You can share informational and educational posts and videos to the online community.

Social media marketing assists in branding

Social media is an excellent platform to create branding. However, it depends on how you position your business in the minds of your customers. You need to put a lot of effort on creating quality content and targeting the right audiences with the proper posts. It helps to build trust and reputation for your business.

Social media marketing efficiently exposes your business

It is a vital tool that you can use to expose your business. It is a benefit to business people who are willing to connect with other business people in the same industry. It also helps to build a broad network, and you can get referrals as well.


Trust is a vital element in gaining customer loyalty. The best way to win trust is giving your customers access to your business information. You can increase confidence from your current and potential clients by having social media profiles such as a Twitter account, a Facebook business page, a LinkedIn company page account and an Instagram social profile. Social media marketing will put a face and a voice to your business, and give users more incentive to trust your company.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Body Corporate Managers

Effectively marketing a company plays an important role in making it successful. Marketing enables a business to retain existing customers and attract potential clients as well. In attempting to convince prospective clients to abandon the companies that they’ve been patronising and try your company, marketing ought to invite, give promises and even freely offer give-ways.

Good marketing strategies can be designed for internet-based companies and brick-&-mortar businesses as well.

The most effective marketing strategies

The following are exceptional marketing techniques that managers of body corporate services can apply to enhance their client numbers.
Stand out

The manager of a body corporate ought to demonstrate, through marketing, why his/her company is different from other businesses. It doesn’t matter if the company offers great customer service, unmatched return policy or unique products/ services; what matters is how different the company is in comparison to its competitors. Therefore, the manager should market this difference.

Consistent Marketing

It is very important for a company to engage in consistent marketing, irrespective of how limited its resources are. Regular advertisements, civic-minded engagements, and giveaways can effectively keep the name of a company out there and also remind prospective clients to sample the services or products that the company offers.

Email Blasts

According to marketing gurus, email blasts are among the most effective marketing tools. Managers of corporate bodies who wish to build their client base ought to establish systems whereby all new clients are requested to provide their email addresses. After that, arrangements should be made to send email blasts to these clients. This should be done once or twice every month to inform clients about sales, seasonal services/ products, discounts or new commodities.

Show the Company’s Love

Managers of organisations that provided body corporate services should consider maintaining lists of their clients’ birthdays or other anniversaries. When the clients’ important days come up, the companies should send postcards with discount vouchers or other offers.

Monthly newsletters should be developed and sent to clients through email. The newsletters should contain funny stories, upcoming holidays or interesting recipes. They should also be interwoven with information about sales specials or new services/ products.


Managers ought to hold regular contests with the objective of promoting the company’s products and services. For instance, if the company sells food items, it should host annual or bi-annual recipe contests whereby participants who emerge as winners, are handsomely rewarded with the products or services that the company offers.

Internet Marketing

In today’s digital age, a company ought to have an attractive, interactive and efficient website. Since people are visual creatures, they usually respond to what their eyes see. The company’s website should be specially designed to display changes to convince clients to keep visiting.


Managers of body corporate services ought to spread the gospel about their companies by offering freebies. This is an effective marketing technique that allows managers to collect important information concerning their prospective clients.

Enhance Site Interest

Addition of RSS news feed capacity to a company’s website can effectively attract potential clients. Nearly all internet users can’t resist the temptation of reading breaking news whenever they come across such news. Managers of body corporate services should, therefore, enhance website interest by adding RSS feeds.


Are you a manager of a body corporate, and have been wondering how to improve the client base of the company that you run in the face of fierce competition from other companies that offer similar products or services? Well, you don’t have to worry anymore. Simply apply the marketing strategies explained in this article, or some of the strategies mentioned in the below video, and you’ll start smiling all the way to the bank within a few weeks.

5 Ways To Boost Your Health Care Website Through Online Marketing

Until a few years ago, internet marketing was not one of those things that medical professionals gave even a second thought to. However, today things have changed radically, and internet marketing is not just something that a few people indulge in just to pass the time. Today internet marketing has become a force to reckon with, and health care professionals know that the best way to reach out to people and market their services is by launching up a website of their own.  Health care professionals may include your local doctor, dentist, pharmacist, psychologist, chiropractor or an allied health professional.

When you have a health care website or any other type of website for that matter, you need to access the best online marketing strategies that you can use to garner traffic. Health care marketing is not much different than any other type of marketing and is being used by various health care services.

Here are five effective ways that you can boost your health care website through the use of online marketing:

1. Make use of Health Care SEO

Your health care website should contain plenty of health care SEO text. SEO stands for search engine optimization. You want the health care services that you are promoting to be part of your SEO content strategy. Your website should be optimised for the search engines so that those who are searching for certain health care keywords will be able to find your site after entering those keywords into major search engines.

2. Create Health Care Articles

You can promote your health care solutions through content that you distribute all over the internet. These will get the attention of the search engine bots and also may drive those who read the articles to visit your posted link. You can find many different article sites where you can distribute your health care advertising created with informative SEO articles.

3. Use Press Releases

Another way that you can use online marketing for your health care advertising is to use press releases. These can be more sales oriented than the articles and can also give the information that the reader needs so that they can contact you. You can talk to new health care solutions or medical services that you are offering through this site.

4. Use Link Distribution

The more links you have that lead to your health care website, the more you will rise in rankings in the search engines. You can distribute links to your articles with the use of social networking websites like MySpace, that will not only give you more exposure for your health care services but also provide you with more links to your site. Link distribution is a vital part of online marketing and should also be used with health care marketing.

5. Use social networking sites

Sites like Twitter and Facebook can be an ideal way to draw people to your health care services that you are providing. You can post links to your site as well as information that those who may be interested in the health care solutions that you are offering will use to discover more about you.

Health care marketing is essential in the age of the internet. You need to get as much information out there to the public about your health care services as you can. You can use the same online marketing techniques that are utilised for any other online business for your health marketing plan.

Making use of health care SEO on your website as well as distributing links, articles and press releases is one way that you can make the most of your health care marketing strategies. In the competitive world of today, where online marketing has become a force to reckon with, it makes sense to do as much online advertising as possible.

How To Simplify Your Online Presence Into One Link

Most people and businesses have managed to build numerous social profiles all over the internet.  One of the main reasons businesses will create social profiles is so they can secure their online real estate by securing their brand, a product name or a keyword phrase that they are trying to rank for.  However, if you fail to appropriately manage and retain accurate records of your usernames and login details a lot of this important information can be lost very easily.  These online assets generally take the form of blogs, personal websites, download links for your favourite songs, social networks, and video sites to name a just a few.

Trying to let those who matter most to you know about your social profiles that are connected to either you, or your business, is a challenge in itself.  However, there are a number of information solutions that can assist in making your virtual presence accessible and shared effortlessly by streamlining your total online presence into a single location with a single link and a single click.  You will often find that these information providers will also give you tools that enable you to share your links and allow other internet users and sites to share your link without effort.

One of the best services on the net is ItsMyURL.  It is free to use and within minutes of joining you are able to structure your links and online profiles.  You are given an ItsMyURL link to which you attach each of your online profiles in addition to any other links to your ItsMyURL profile.  You simply then share that link with whomever you deem appropriate to have access to your entire online presence.  This is a great free tool that everyone should be making use of.

Outsourcing To A Professional SEO And Online Marketing Firm

So you have made all the calculations and budgeting needed for your online marketing campaign. In reviewing your calculations and budget, you have realised it would be to your advantage to hire a professional so you can maximise the rewards of internet marketing campaigns. Making a decision to outsource to a professional SEO and internet marketing firm is just the first step. You will still need to go a long way before you can make a decision as to which professional SEO and internet marketing agency to hire.

So how do you go about choosing which professional SEO and internet marketing firm to work with? It always helps to ask for referrals from your associates or friends. An SEO and online marketing company that has made a good reputation among the people you know and trust is always a good beginning.

Although you will not need to rely solely on referrals when making a decision, it helps to put them into consideration. If you are not able to gather references, then you might want to do your research. Your research should include interviews of different SEO and internet marketing companies. Take note that they should be able to answer questions on how they propose to help you and how they can help you achieve your goals. Remember, secrets are non-existent in the world of SEO and internet marketing so you should expect everything to be transparent.

Different SEO and internet marketing companies will give you many replies, and it helps if you can confirm the truth in their answers. So how do you go about this? You can do this by just asking for previous successes or case studies. You will then need to confirm if these achievements were indeed serviced by the company you are eyeing. You can also ask for live references. See to it that the references they provide you are legitimate and always ask them specific questions about their experience with the company, their returns on investment in over a year, and visible results or increase in business.

Another factor that should guide in determining which professional SEO and internet marketing company to work with is the price. Typically, an SEO project would cost about $18,000 to a hundred thousand dollars in the first year. This usually depends on how complex the project is, the expectations for the project, and the level of competition that exists. One must understand that SEO success does not happen overnight and in the same way, the task of looking for a professional SEO agency to work with will not be completed in one day.

Why Cheap SEO for Online Marketing Doesn’t Work?

You may have realised that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the way to go to get your pages ranked highly in the Search Engine Rankings Pages (SERPS) and you may have bought a few web tools to help you, or you may have approached an SEO company, which, having relieved you of a few hundred bucks, has now deserted you because you took a one-off deal – the cheapest SEO option. Unfortunately, you may have jumped only a page or two and still not be anywhere near making the money you thought you would with your website.

There are cheap SEO services out there in Internet land which offer you some or all of the following, and here I am not quoting from any one particular website for SEO services; this list is only an example of what is on offer.

  • Keywords and density of 2 or 3 percent 
  • Meta tags and on page coding such as H1 and H2 tags, words in bold, etc.
  • Outbound links
  • Backlinks
  • Search-engine-friendly URLs

However, you can do all this for yourself. Also if it were that simple to rise in the SERPS, all sites would grow fantastically. What these SEO services do not offer are relevant backlinks from top sites in your niche, neither do they offer to help you with original content for your site which is of prime importance these days for a site to get at the top of the SERPS. They can increase your SERPS position, but you won’t be where you want to be-in the first five of those coveted pages. What they probably will do is post a few comments on forums with your URL link although the comments may not be on forums which are relevant to your niche, so they are fairly useless. Commenting isn’t a terribly good way of getting a high profile site unless your views are new and attention-grabbing. They probably won’t use Tools and Extras – Google Places, Google Shopping, etc. which can make all the difference between you and your competitors. (You know about these tools for online marketing don’t you?)

A good SEO service company will give you quotes for their annual service and will expect to work with you and your site for its lifetime. SEO is a continual process, and the experts will test out the potency of keywords, and help you get high-quality content, which most of the cheap SEO services don’t mention because they can’t deliver. The better firms will consistently optimise titles and page design so that they have a positive impact on visitors to your site and they will create sitemaps for ease of negotiating the pages. They will use a systematic approach to building social media links and other relevant, quality links. These links will be made, with keyword anchors and optimal on-page placement, so that visitors will leave your site with a very good impression of it and return, and you will also ultimately climb into those top SERPS.

Don’t waste your cash on cheap SEO tools and services as they won’t help you get rich quick. If you want to make money from your site, you will need to make an investment in a good SEO service.

What is considered to be fresh Business Marketing?

Hi there fellow readers.  You will have access to our fresh business marketing website very soon.  Please bare with us as we sort out the last final details and then prepare yourself to be exposed to some of the most effective business marketing strategies on the internet.  Our development project team is creating a number of quality content pieces which you have access to shortly.

To get you started here is a great YouTube video outlining some great social media strategies you should be implementing in your business in 2017.